OSGi Service Fabric – JavaONE 2007!!

Its been a hectic month, with Paremus working on a number of projects including the SSOA demonstrator for DODIIS, our product release, and getting ready for JavaOne!

As can be seen to the far right in the above photo – Paremus shipped some 16 Mac Mini’s to JavaOne to provide real time demonstrations of multiple distributed SCA / OSGi based Systems running across an Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric! Each SCA system was dynamical instantiated, and we demonstrated the isolation and recovery capabilities of the Service Fabric by failing compute resources (well actually visitors to the stand insisted on pulling the cables) – without impact to the running Systems!

I was on stand duty for much of the time, so didn’t get first hand experience of the presentations. However, feedback indicated that the usual keynote presentations were, well, as expected; but that both the OSGi and SCA standards are at the “tipping point” – with a significant increase in delegate interest and vendor activity relative to last year.

In addition to the usual conversations about OSGi, SCA, WS & Jini, those passing the Paremus stand may have overheard conversations concerning genetic algorithms, the importance of CAS and even the apparent failure of string theory – the latter, I hasten to add, having nothing to do with the Infiniflow’s architecture 🙂

I’m almost looking forward to JavaOne 2008!