Adapt and Evolve 2007-04-11 09:47:00

An new white paper concerning the synergies between OSGi, SCA and Spring can be found on the OSOA site, well worth reading for those you want and introduction to this field of activity.

The white paper concludes that “SCA, OSGi and Spring together provide powerful capabilities for building service implementations from simple sets of simple Java Beans using a few simple API’s”.

The one interesting omission is any real discussion about the challenges of building distributed OSGi, SCA, Spring based distributed systems. Whilst the white paper explains the virtues of dynamic dependency resolution, this is only within the context of a static resource landscape, and so fails to acknowledge the additional changes presented by Peter Deutsch’s 8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing.

For those interest in dynamic distributed systems based on OSGi and SCA that support Spring, check out the Newton project. Newton is itself built from the ground up to be a robust distributed runtime environment using OSGi, SCA and Jini as foundation technologies, providing a “robust” – in the true non-marketing sense of the word – enterprise runtime platform for Java Pojo based applications including Spring.

A final thought – there still seems to be a real lack of understanding within the industry w.r.t. the fundamental relationship between agility, distributed systems, complexity and OPEX (operational expenditure). A subject I suspect I’ll post more on, once I’ve caught up with my day job.