How to scale without lock-in

How do you scale your Spring DM or POJO applications without development framework lock-in?

Cloud centric composite applications promise to be more disruptive and more rewarding than either the move to client-server architectures in the early 1990’s, or web-services in the late 1990’s. A successful Private Cloud / Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution will provide the robust and agile foundations for an organization’s next generation of IT services.

These Cloud / PaaS runtimes will be in use for many years to come. During their lifetime they must therefore be able to host a changing ecosystem of software services, frameworks and languages.

Hence they must:

  • be able to seamlessly, and incrementally, evolve in response to changing business demands
  • at all cost, avoid locking an organization into any one specific development framework, programming language or middleware messaging product.

Want to know more? Read the new Paremus Service Fabric architecture paper which may be found here.