OSGi? With Nimble? Yes Please!

You’ll need more than logic to persuade people of your case

For believers in rationality, the modern world is often a frustrating and bewildering place.

New Scientist – 10 November 2010

Never-the-less, we keep trying.


Yesterday Paremus  jointly announced with MakeWave the ‘Nimble Distribution‘. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both Paremus and MakeWave teams for all the effort and late nights that have gone into making this happen.

Paremus will continue to actively develop Nimble capabilities throughout 2011; with remote services being one of the areas that will receive ongoing attention. To track these developments consider signing up to the Nimble Forum. This will be on-air over the Christmas holidays. All feedback and suggestions are most welcome, so don’t be shy.

However, perhaps of  greater importance, is the commercial aspect of the Nimble announcement.

For those organisations that understand:

  • The medium term efficiencies and transformative business value gained from modularisation and dynamic system assembly.
  • Their business requirements cannot be met by a WAR file deployed to Tomcat (Sigh).
  • The necessity of strong industry based standards (OSGi) shepherded by a strong democratic standards body (OSGi Alliance).
  • The value of high quality product ready implementations and high quality support.

We hope that Paremus / MakeWave announcement provides a compelling proposition. A high quality, elegant, agile and operationally simple OSGi runtime, bundled with high quality commercial support, tailored for the most demanding of business requirements and environments.

Finally, complementing our ongoing Nimble & Service Fabric activities; Paremus will be working closely with Neil Bartlett and other BNDtools contributors through 2011 to ensure that OSGi has the highest quality tooling support possible.

In the meantime…

Seasonal Greetings & a Nimble 2011 to you all 😉