EclipseCon 2011

The recent EclipseCon 2011 was the 4th consecutive EclipseCon conference in Santa Clara that we at Paremus have attended; and from my perspective, was the most exciting yet. One need look no further than Peter Krien’s Introduction to OSGi session to realise that the Eclipse community’s interest in OSGi continues its rapid growth.

Despite the thundering music (Thus Spake Zarathustra) from the CDO folks next door, which some assumed must be associated with my presentation, my talk on Cloud & OSGi was well attended and seemed to be well received; at least by the individuals that subsequently approached me to discuss this area in some depth.

The OSGi Alliance BoF was well attended with some interesting updates on the 4.3 release and ongoing work in the EEG group; the session concluded on an amusing note with some evil OSGi puzzles concocted by Peter Kriens and BJ Hargrave.

Whilst it was a shame that Neil Bartlett wasn’t able to attend this year, it was great to see Peter Kriens and David Savage rolling up their sleeves (metaphorically speaking) and walking interested parties through BNDtools and SIGIL tooling capabilities; explaining how these features will be combined in the very near future to create a powerful OSGi tooling solution.

For those of you that are interested, copies of the Paremus presentations (including the screen casts), will be posted here in the near future.