Teleport or Telegraph?

If this blog entry were chiseled in stone, no currently existing technology would be capable of near instantaneous transportation of that stone. Perhaps quantum entanglement might one day provide the basis for Teleportation – yet much serious physics and engineering would be required to make this more than Science Fiction.

Yet the same information – in an binary format (Morse) – could have be transmitted across a continent at near the speed of light over a hundred years ago.

Both approaches achieve the same result – transmission of information.

Sometimes identifying the correct approach, the correct perspective, is far more important than the amount of engineering effort you throw at a problem.

Which brings me to the following article

So VMware need 2,000 people to build a resource orchestration layer? Certainly, trying to manage a resource landscape so that it appears unchanging to a population of legacy applications is extremely difficult!

The alternative?

Take a different perspective.

Build dynamic / agile applications that adapt to the changing characteristics of their operational environments.